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Free Chili All Day Veteran's Day

Come join us on Wednesday, November 11, for free chili and fixin's all day in honor of Veteran's Day.


My name is Brianna Meewes, and I work with the Mesothelioma Prognosis Network, an advocacy organization dedicated to spreading awareness of mesothelioma.

We have a staff of retired military veterans, experienced in assisting veterans in applying for VA benefits related to asbestos illnesses. We also help veterans with asbestos-related claims, appeal previously denied claims and help them attain multiple benefits if they had not previously been receiving them. 

Because today is Veterans Day, I was hoping you would be interested in sharing our resource on your page at http://www.carmelinvfw.org/

Also, please feel free to share the information we feature onhttps://www.mesotheliomaprognosis.com with anyone you think may find our website helpful. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great Veterans Day!